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Dandelion Hills is a family-owned mini-farm located in Caro, Michigan established to provide healthful food to our family and the local community. All of our products will be beyond organic as we strive to use Mother Nature�s numerous years of experience to help us manage undesirable invasive species. As of February 2016, we are currently taking orders for eggs, pastured chickens, turkeys (heritage and standard), and Pekin ducks. We only raise enough for customers who pre-order their birds in the spring. Our laying hens are pasture-raised, which we believe leads to the best eggs available. The hens are housed in a portable coop surrounded by a movable electric fencing. The coop is moved to new ground every 1-2 days, and the entire fencing is moved to fresh pasture every 1-2 weeks. This method of rotating pasture gives the hens a continuous supply of fresh greenery all season long, which leads to the deep orange yolks we have come to associate with healthy chickens. In addition, our pasture is able to have a period of rest after all the scratching, munching, and fertilizing offered by the hens, which allows it to recover and regenerate before the chickens return. We feed our hens homegrown (GMO-freee) fodder and supplement their diet with locally-grown, organic feed and oyster shell grit. Our broiler chickens, Pekin ducks, and turkeys receive plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and exercise in their portable shelters which are moved to fresh pasture 1-3 times a day. The chickens and turkeys are allowed to fully express their true nature by scratching for bugs and worms and nibbling on grass, clover, plantain, and dandelions. The ducks are delighted to have access to a pool for grooming/swimming several times a week. We also feed all our birds homegrown fodder (from barley and sunflower seeds) as well as locally-grown, organic (GMO-free) feed that is often fermented to increase the nutritional value even more. Finally, we process our own poultry whenever possible to ensure the process is as humane and results in the cleanest birds possible. In the future we hope to offer fruits, vegetables, and honey bee products at a roadside stand on our property. Other products may include homemade ducks eggs, quail and quail eggs, laundry detergent, herbs, flowers, seeds and more! Contact us for more info or feel free to stop by and visit, or go to to place an order.

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