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Ayers Valley Farm has a passion for raising our livestock the way nature intended. We do not use antibiotics, growth hormones or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). We are organically-minded and we take pride in providing premium grass fed finished beef, pastured pork and pastured poultry for meat shipped straight to your doorstep. Our grass fed, finished herd is made of South Poll and Angus cattle. They are rotated daily to fresh diverse forage with access to clean water, sunshine, 20 different types of minerals and room to roam. This process produces a well-marbled meat that the whole family will enjoy. Our pork is fed a non-GMO, soy-free feed to supplement their daily salad bar while living their best lives under a beautifully developed combination of trees and forage. The taste and juiciness of our pastured pork will make your taste buds thank you! Our poultry are moved daily to make sure they get their fill of fresh grass, bugs and plenty of sunshine. They are also fed a non-GMO, soy-free feed to supplement anything that mother nature cannot provide. This chicken will make you wonder why you've ever purchased it from the grocery in the past. Through the years, we have partnered with nature to practice regenerative agriculture. We strive to ensure that our farmland is continuously improving for our livestock to feed your family. We care about how our meat is raised, so we decided to raise it ourselves. We quickly discovered that there is a major difference with meat raised as nature intended; we want you to experience it too! We take no shortcuts! We are your one stop shop for nutritious protein that not only tastes amazing but also heals the planet one purchase at a time. We can ship our frozen meat directly to your door anywhere in the USA or you can pick up on the farm by appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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