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Grass fed. Eco Valley Angus are fed nothing but green grass and grass/alfalfa/timothy and native hay from our Certified Organic Pastures. Happy and Healthy Cattle remain on pasture even in the winter, when they are supplemented with hay. We are truly 100% grass-fed and grass-finished (as grass fed certified by Animal Welfare Approved), providing you with healthy benefits documented from grass fed beef. Careful husbandry. Our Certified Organic and Animal Welfare Approved practices result in healthy cattle; healthy on the hoof and healthy on the plate. We do not sell any beef that has been treated with any chemical of any kind. We raise our cattle in a respectful, peaceful process, using techniques from world renowned beef handlers, such as Temple Grandin and Curt Pate. Certified organic. Our whole farm, pastures and animals, are Certified Organic. We are the only Certified Organic Grassfed Angus farm in Cattaraugus County. We use no chemicals of any kind, relying on natural holistic processes to enhance fertility, and the sweat of our brow to control weeds. Dry-aged Dry-aged beef is extremely rare, available only in the very best restaurants and from gourmet butcher shops. Why rare? Because dry-aging is very expensive. Why desired? Because dry-aging produces unparalleled flavor and tenderness. We go a step further by selecting the perfect number of days for dry aging for each beef, taking into account individual differences. Hand-processed. Eco-Valley Grass Fed Organic Beef is processed in a small, family-owned, USDA-inspected facility, where it is prepared by hand into perfectly presented cuts of beef. Small-scale. We are small enough for intimate care of our land and livestock, but large enough to attract large tours annually by our �New Farmer� processes. We are truly a family farm growing the best food for our family and yours!

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