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Covenant Farms is a project started by our three local families who wanted to produce better food for ourselves and our neighbors. Our first project was to raise Dairy goats for milk an to provide herd shares. With dozens of goats now on the property our next project was to begin raising pastured broiler hens. Our pastured poultry is fed from all natural Non-GMO feed from right here in Virginia. Our chickens get fresh grass each day and return fertilizer to the ground as they travel across the pasture until processing day. Our birds are processed with the dignity and respect on the farm with our own hands. We believe we are responsible to be good stewards of the land and the animals in our care. Our small but growing list of project for the 2015 year include laying hens for eggs, Mushroom Productions, and the initial planting for a permaculture food forest, and getting ready for honey bee installation in 2016. We are happy to show visitors around so they can see how we do things and know where their food was produced. We believe in Natural, Local, Integrity food where the food chain has no mystery. Just good food from our family to yours.

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