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Good Tree Farm of New Egypt is Certified Organic by the NJ Dept. of Agriculture. We use certified organic heirloom seeds and produce vegetables, field fruit, and herbs in a sustainable farming approach. Our CSA sign-up is now open for 2017. To learn more go to [/link] and click on 'Our Unique CSA'. To join click on 'Store'. We will offer a smaller discount to non-CSA customers that increases as their purchase total increases (up to $20: 5% - $21-$40: 10% - $41-$60: 15% - $61-$80: 20% - $81-$100: 25% - $101-$130: 30% - $161 or more: 35%). We ship anywhere in NJ, eastern PA and southern NY and NYC! Our website [/link] has much more information. You can follow us on Facebook too ( Subscribe to our newsletter on our website and facebook page. We also have a YouTube channel. Want to join our farm's team to get weekly produce and a share of the season's revenue? Visit our website and click on Our Story and select 'Join our Team!'

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