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"Gourd-growers, specializing in the Giant African Bushel variety. This year we are selling seeds from our thickest, best-shaped ones." This farmland has been in my family as a country retreat for over 40 years, and I have been coming here that long. Five years ago, my husband and I moved here full-time and I began growing gourds. I can't say why, but when I first saw gourds I immediately felt fascinated with them. Maybe it is because of their tribal qualities, since I am especially drawn to tribal art of all kinds. Natives have been using them for thousands of years and in certain cultures only shamans were allowed to plant, harvest and use gourds because they were considered so sacred. I was attracted to the giant varieties because of their versatility in decorating and creating works of art. I enjoy decorating them, especially using natural materials such as raffia, pine needles, deer antlers and beads of wood, clay or bone. This season I am selling only seeds, but plan to sell gourds as well, with my next harvest. You can see more photos and info and follow our growing season at

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