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Arugulas Star Farm exclusively offers the Genuine SeedToGather Seal which combines organic & biodynamic growing practices. Our farm is offering an original Hands On CSA called Genuine Potato, Dry Bean, & Garlic Shared Agriculture Program [SAP] for the 2017 season. Starts in mid to late March & runs through early July. As a member, you will be able to experience first hand what it means to grow your very own Potato, Dry Bean, & Garlic Storage crops in just 4 Hands on Farm Visits with out any extra planning on your behalf. Just Sign Up & Come on out to the Country! Members get to play apart in a ONE OF A KIND EDUCATIONAL plant, grow, observe, harvest, experience type of engagement. Our [SAP] is a great extracurricular activity that will CONNECT you to a farm and your food like no other. When individuals and families see through the foods of their labor, by engaging with soil & nature, an irreplaceable desire to do so on a yearly basis is formed. By growing your own storage crops, you experience an old word natural cycle that was a vital part of all human beings existence growing & consuming energized, chemical free food. You will be amazed at how much enrichment & grounding can be added to your year by participating in such agricultural happenings. [SAP] is hardcore agritourism to the most utilitarian degree. It is not only FUN for the whole family, it is FOOD for the whole family. 21 varieties of potatoes, 10 varieties of Garlic, & 8 varieties of Dry Beans. If you are already a member of a CSA, no worries, our [SAP] serves as a supplement, not a substitute. [SAP] starts around early spring & goes through early summer. Deadline for Sign Up is March 20th. Please sign up early to ensure your spot. Volunteers/Interns Needed Be a [SAP] member at no cost! For lots more information & to SIGN UP please go to

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