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Bob Due's Terraced Gardens Farm (Pesticide & Herbicide Free)

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I am pesticide and herbicide free. I balance the soil nutrients, including the trace elements to assure nutrient dense vegetables. My equipment line-up includes manual, walk behind, medium and large items to provide the appropriate level of technology to insure that each task is done in an efficient and timely manor. Mulch with hay is used to conserve moisture, control weeds, cool the soil, improve the fertility and reduce the need for irrigation. My mulch is in the form of a small round bale that will roll out to a layer of mulch about 25 feet in length and is about 24 inches wide. I try to have these available at the markets for those home gardeners that want to use a local organic mulch. My goal is to provide a weed free mulch when I can. All hillsides that are cultivated are done so on terraces so that erosion is kept to a minimum. Each terrace acts as a small dam to aid in holding the water where it falls. I harvest rainwater for drip irrigation and home use. Crop rotation and cover crops are an integral part of maintaining my fertility and soil structure and reducing disease and insect problems. I publish a weekly email newsletter during the market season to keep customers and interested persons informed about what I will have the coming week. I also share practices and successes on the farm. You can go to the web site and sign up for the email letter or just email me and ask to be added to the list. My list is not shared with anyone else.

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