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Bttr ventures (pronounced better) stands for _ back to the roots, _ a phrase that encompasses the idea of creating a company that stands for sustainability, progress, and social responsibility. Bttr ventures, formed by two innovative and passionate business majors from the haas school of business at uc berkeley, aims to turn one of the largest waste streams in america, the tons of coffee ground waste generated daily, into a highly-demanded, nutritious, and valuable food product _ specialty mushrooms. 1) bttr oyster mushrooms (buy now at your local bay area whole foods market or farmer's market) 2) bttr gourmet garden: pearl oyster mushroom kit watch _em burst out of the bag! (buy now online at or at your local farmer's market) take home a bag that's ready to fruit, so you can harvest a delicious feast of oyster mushrooms in the comfort of your own home! this bag, made primarily from coffee grounds recycled from your local baristas, was packed specifically for you to harvest in your home, so you can enjoy the extremely fresh and delicious taste of our bttr mushrooms! this bag, which you can set on your kitchen counter, will fruit one week after you open it up _ providing up to 12 ounces of fresh oyster mushrooms over multiple flushes.

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