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Dunham Cattle Farms has been raising beef cattle in Talladega County since 1994. We have recently noticed a need in the Birmingham area to buy locally raised beef. Dunham Cattle Farms is not certified organic or grass fed. However, we believe our natural/humane way of raising cattle creates excellent beef that is delicious and free from feed antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. Our cattle remain on our 160 acres of pasture all year plus they receive a supplement of hay and some grains when weather does not provide sufficient grass alone. Our Brood Stock is made up of around 60 Black Angus and Simmental Angus crosses many of which were born and raised on our property. We typically calve in December-late February. These calves are kept until they reach around 700 lbs. they are then given grain ration every day for the next 60-120 days. During this they are still on natural forage every day until ready for slaughter. We are currently using a USDA Federally inspected slaughterhouse in central Tennessee. This is the only time when the cattle are not in our care. During this time everything is inspected from the time we back to trailer up to the holding pens until meat is ready for pick up 3-4 weeks later. During this time our beef dry ages approx 21 days. We can dry age beef as long as 30 day but only recommend this on steers that are at least 1200 lbs.

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