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We are a farm family dedicated to using our God given abilities to produce healthy food while healing the land. At Boatright Farms all our animals are raised in a humane manner and we utilize rotational grazing which mimics the natural movements of bison across the prairies and is good for the land, soil, and animals. Our range pastured hens get to breathe fresh, clean air and enjoy plenty of sunlight daily, only spending nights in their egg mobile. Each day their diet consists of a super nutrient rich intake of a diverse diet of forage, bugs, seeds and grains. This diet is not only incredibly healthy for them, but is transferred to their eggs for your family to enjoy. The hens are moved routinely in their egg mobile to graze in the fields after the cows sanitizing, debugging, and fertilizing the fields along the way- a job they simply love to do. Our grass finished cattle and sheep are frequently rotated on to fresh pasture allowing previous areas to recover. They enjoy a diverse nutrient dense diet of grass, forbs, and legumes and they are not given grain, antibiotics, or artificial growth hormones.Frequent moves mean they are quite docile which reduces stress during handling. Our goal is to produce the most nutrient dense beef, lamb, and eggs, to restore the land, and to steward wisely the resources entrusted to us.

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