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We are the third generation to farm our land which has been in our family since 1918. Since the tobacco buyouts, we came up with a fairly new product to North Carolina; raising prawns. This is our second year raising Maylasian Freshwater Prawns. They are a tropical species and therefore can only be raised in the warm months with one harvest in the fall. We have an unique way of harvesting which guarantees a better quality meat. First, the pond is drained into a harvest basin. The prawns are dipped out and put into oxygenated tanks. There they purge their bodies of any impurities. This makes a cleaner meat with no grit. After this process, the prawns are placed into an icy slur, quickly killing them and dropping their body temps. This process ensures the meat to be firm, not mushy. The Difference in Prawns and Shrimp: Prawns are beefier, thicker meat Prawns have a lobster-like texture Prawn meat has a sweeter taste Processing ensures a cleaner, higher quality meat Pond raised, free of chemical and pollutants

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