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We are a Honey Farm located in Willowbrook / Burr Ridge Il. AE Honey specializes in raw wild unpasteurized Honey and protecting the Honeybees. We have been Bee Keepers for some years now. It is a great product #1 in our area. We have expanded our local services including Bee Removal, farm tractor services and snow removal. AE Honey canl remove Honeybees from your home or work. A.E. honey protects the bees. We have a special bee vac that does not hurt the bees. Bees are collected and relocated. Plow and Mower services AE Honey offers small lot improvements 1/2 to 5 acres. We offer 2 bottom plow, disc, and bushog mows. $50.00 per hour. Billing starts when equipment is unloaded. Contact Kevin 331 645 0314

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