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CSA Membership: Being a CSA shareholder means being a directly active stakeholder in building a sustainable future for our community's own local food-shed. By supporting sustainable farming practices in our own community, we recharge our soils, our aquifers, our bellies.... and we are creating networks of farmers and families, working together to ensure a sustainable future for our communities. As growers we work to supply an abundance of fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers for all of our members on a sliding scale. How We Farm: We grow food in soils that we nurture by using healthy and mindful growing methods so that we all win. Our food is tastier, more nutritious, (higher nutrient density) and grown with a lower carbon footprint; better for our palates, our bodies, our environment, and our planet. We use "regenerative agriculture" principles and practices on our farm, this includes permaculture and holistic management. What We Grow: For 2018, our CSA share will include a deliciously diverse mix of organically grown veggies and herbs. We have other items for you to purchase during your pick up: eggs, seasonal pickles, krauts and kim chis, and beef. We are working towards a Whole Farm CSA offering Homestead Shares and have planted out fruit and nut trees and bushes for the future.

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