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Butler Angus Ranch is a family owned and operated cow/calf operation located in Columbus County, NC since 2009. We are a small, family-run farm operation presently selling all grass-fed Angus Beef and Lamb from weaning to fininshing. We believe in sustainability, the value in knowing where their food comes from, proper nutrition and respect for our environment. The importance of being stewards of the land and treating our animals humanely is what we as a family have tried to strive towards teaching our children. Our Angus cattle are pasture raised and finished on grass. Our Angus beef has never been given any animal byproducts, steroids, or growth hormones. All of our angus beef is gluten-free, minimally processed and dry aged for 21 days for a flavorful and tender eating experience. For those who insist on the very best, only natural grass-fed Angus beef will do. So, when you think about that juicy steak, fall off the fork tender beef roast, or the best hamburger you will put your hands around, we hope you will think about Butler Angus Ranch's Angus beef. I am currently selling my beef at The Fayetteville Farmers Market. Bulk orders can be placed, but be prepared for a nominal waiting period as demand is high and supply is limited.

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