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Started in 2009, Aspen Moon Farm consisted of 2.5 acres in Longmont, Colorado with one acre of cultivated vegetables and one Farmer's Market in Longmont. Now we are amazed by the 99 acres in our care with approximately 25 acres in production! We happily serve seasonal Farmer's Markets in Longmont on Saturday's and Boulder on Wednesday's and Saturday's, and offer an abundant Roadside Farmstand, open daily as the season allows. Finally we are most proud of our CSA program and are so grateful for a wonderful group of annual CSA members (around 900 members) whose kind support keeps the farm open and productive. Aspen Moon Farm is USDA Certified Organic and has been practicing biodynamic agriculture since 2009, so our produce is truly 100% natural and bee friendly. We work hard to provide our own on-farm fertility through biodynamic compost, cover cropping, and crop rotation. All of our crops are carefully tended (many are hand-harvested) so you get the cleanest, freshest, and most nutritious produce possible. Our crops include a wide range of seasonal vegetables, beautiful organic flowers, succulent berries, and starter plants for your spring garden.

Led by Jason and Erin (biodynamic gardeners, turned homesteaders, turned farmers) Aspen Moon Farm is managed by a team of inspiring and aspiring farm crew and interns. It is truly this team and the heart & soul they put into this farm (not to mention the 60+ hours of physically demanding work every week) that allows us to maintain and grow. ? We are helped along by the dignified (sometimes not so dignified) ministrations of 14 kind-hearted cows, a gaggle of escape-artist chickens, a small herd of Navajo Heritage sheep including their aspiring guard dogs, a spunky mini-horse, an elusive band of wondering cats, some very busy bees, and our dog/mascot Zuzu who keeps us all in line and laughing. At Aspen Moon Farm we work together to cultivate sustainable, life-giving, deliciously organic produce for you and your family. We plant, we weed, we tend, we dig, we water, we run, we lift, we clean, we bunch, we clean again, we count, we pack, we ache, we tire, we thank, and we love it all! Simply, we love growing good food for you!

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