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The demand of Multi-Cultural Organic produce gives a rise to SohUdaya Organics!!! SohUdaya symbolizes the Rise of Innovative Multi Cultural (MC) Organic Produce grown locally. "Local Food Makes $ense!!!" At SohUdaya our philosophies are the roots of the simple life Values. We practice Organic methods in growing our produce with care. Our Produce: Bitter Melon Parwal (pointed gourd) Tindora (Ivy gourd) Kantola (snake gourd) Turiya/gisuri (ridge gourd) Dudhi/lauki (bottle gourd) Methi (fenugreek) Toovar (pigeon peas) Ravaiya Regan (Indian Stuffing eggplant) Mirchi (Indian Hot Chili) Vaal Papdi (Indian beans) Surti Papdi (Indian beans) Tomato (Indian tomato) Chori (long cow beans) Purple okra Indian green okra Guwar (cluster beans)

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