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Cook's Farm & Ranch is owned and operated by Harold and Sharon Cook on 225 Acres North of Savoy, Texas. We are located about an hour northeast of Dallas and in the Northwest of Fannin County Texas. We produce fresh local home grown vegetables of all kinds in season. We use no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides and rely primarily on compost and natural fertilizers. We have pastured raised chickens, Farm fresh eggs, Finished Poultry, Pasture Raised Pork. Our chickens and broilers enjoy sunshine and grass as well as vegetables and are free of antibiotics and hormones. We supplement with NON-SOY AND NON-GMO feed when needed. Our Pasture Raised hogs are born and raised here on our farm, they are Raised on 5 acre tracks and rotated regularly when needed, they are able to roam and root as freely as they like and eat plenty of acorns, pecans, leaves. We feed No Corn to our hogs and piglets, No Steroids or Antibiotics are ever added. We also raise rabbits for show, meat and build custom cages of any size. In season we are at the Market Square Farmers Market Paris Texas every Saturday till October. We also sell by the Pound at the Farm, Feel free to contact us anytime. We welcome everyone to our farm to see how we produce and raise our animals, Our Pork is Truly Pasture Raised! We deliver Free in our local area. You can buy our product now at NTX BBQ Supply in Downtown Denison 5 days a week. LIKE us on Facebook to get the most up to date posts on our market items.

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