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Arrowhead Hill Farm produces livestock for high quality meats and fresh fruit and vegetables. We have purebred show quality Boer, and Boer-cross goats, ideal for 4-H and FFA club shows. We also have Duroc-York cross pigs. We sell live animals to be processed as meat. We will deliver your meat animals to a USDA inspected meat processing facility for a small transportation charge. We do not feed growth hormones or antibiotics to our livestock. They are naturally raised outdoors and on pasture. Parasites are controlled through an integrated program of pasture rotations with the limited use of some proven chemical dewormers. We also grow vegetables for the local farmers market and sale off the farm. We are not an organic grower, but we are trending that way with mechanical weed control, use of natural soil nutrients and the limited use of chemical pesticides. Visit our website at

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