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Our small family farm is located on the extra acreage of Heart's Desire Midwifery Care - licensed birthing center in Peaster. Our advice to pregnant women is always to find the cleanest (organic if possible), fruits and vegetables and pasture raised meats vs. factory farmed meats, etc. So..... As Nature Intended Family Farm was "born" in September last year. We began with pastured chickens for tasty eggs. Our clients have been happily buying them for $3 a dozen. The next step was to begin a garden following organic practices. We are not certified but we are doing it right anyway :-) The first produce from this part is not high volume. It will take several years before we reach that level. Current midwifery clients get first crack at this produce. The next step was to grow pastured meat chickens and this phase is now nicely up and running. This is looking like the most productive aspect of the farm at this point. Beautiful birds and lots of tender, tasty, meat for ourselves, our clients and the general community. Customer appreciation is exceptionally high. We plan on adding the start of an orchard in the Fall which will, of course, take a few years to begin producing fruit. Check out our Facebook page to stay up to date with us. We look forward to your encouragement and participation if you would like to join us on the journey to improved health through wonderful home grown food.

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