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Aravaipa's Painted Cave Cattle Company

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Our operation is based at Painted Cave Ranch, located only 70 miles northeast of Tucson and bordered by the beautiful Aravaipa Canyon and the San Carlos Apache Reservation. The ranch is managed by the Hill family who have been in Arizona since the 1800s and have always valued holistic and environmentally friendly practices. When asked why we have never used pesticides, herbicides, steroids or hormones, our answer is quite simple. Our forefathers never needed to use them, so why should we? This principle of knowing the land and recognizing what the land needs, allows our practice of providing sustainable healthy beef from nurtured and healthy land. Our goal is to maintain and improve the native species composition, diversity and structure for the desired plant communities needed to protect the land and to maintain the long-term health and varieties of the indigenous wildlife populations. Diverse wildlife include Desert Big Horn Sheep, Coatimundi, Javelina, Black Bear, Mule Deer and White Tail Deer, Lowland Leopard Frogs, Sonoran Desert Tortoise, Mountain Lion and, of course, Coyote. Everything we do must meet this test: Does this action support the ecosystem with sustainable results? Our ranch covers almost 30 square miles and contains five unique biomes. As stewards of this resource, we are committed to preserving its complete biological diversity.

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