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Croftburn Market recently opened in Culpeper. A butcher shop (and more), Croftburn Market features fresh and local meats. It is a unique family run destination with quality meats and sausages made in house daily. Ower Andrew Campbell makes both fresh and smoked sausages. Depending on the day, you could find Chorizo, . In the fresh sausage display case, one can find Buffalo Chicken Sausages, bulk breakfast sausage (regular and 5 alarm), Bratwurst, The are currently three (3) types of hot dogs, regular, cheese and jalapeno. Andrew is also curing bacon, including black pepper, old fashioned salt cure, and paprika, in additon to Canadian bacon. The meats are sourced locally when possible. The dry aged grain finished Black Angus beef comes from Croftburn Farm, and other local farms. The chicken is all natural air chilled from PA. Fresh eggs from from pastured free range chickens at Croftburn Farm. When possible, local pork is sourced from Walnut Hill Farm in Spotsylvania. In addition to the meats, Croftburn Market features other local foods including fresh bottled milk from the MOO THRU in Opal, and breads etc from THE RED TRUCK BAKERY in Warrenton. Local cheeses are from FIREFLY and Croftburn Farm is a family owned and operated farm in Culpeper, Virginia. We raise Black Angus cattle and Dorset sheep, as well as grains and forage crops. The animals are born, raised, and finished in the pasture. The beef and lamb are grass fed and grain-finished, to provide the taste that our consumer is looking for. However, we finish some beef exclusively on grass, for those that prefer the grass fed, grass finished beef, and sold to individuals as whole and half beef. None of the animals receive hormones, unnecessary antibiotics, or any feed that contains animal by-products. Sustainable agriculture has been the basis of our farm's operation since the 50's. The Standards of Humane Treatment to Animals is fundamental to the management style. We aim to raise our animals in a stress-free and environmentally responsible manner. All meat is processed in a USDA inspected facility. We sell our meat locally and at the We have buying groups in local geographical areas to which we deliver orders. Fleeces, wool and yarn from our sheep are also available for purchase.

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