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With a 13 acre farmstead located in the foothills of Appalachia, we are growing and selling herbs, herbal products, & specialty produce, as well as raising quality small livestock perfect for home & farmsteading. Specializing in Silver Fox Rabbits, Icelandic Chickens, & Ancona ducks! Utilizing mostly natural & holistic methods of raising our stock, we select for hardy, efficient, & friendly qualities while adhering to the breed standard (except for the Icelandics, who have no breed standard). We do not subscribe to any one specific method of farming, instead we incorporate multiple methods such as permaculture, bio-intensive, sustainable, organic etc. Our goal to create a life here on our little piece of earth that requires little input from outside or non-renewable resources. "Black Earth" is the death that occurs for the sake of life. At the bottom of the circle of life resides the process of decomposition, of disintegrating & breaking down. This composting, at the heart of farming, is necessary for life to thrive. Rebuilding out of death the circle of life creates fertile ground once again.

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