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Alissa's Flowers are bidynamically grown, no chemical fertilziers or sprays, with organic mulches and cover crops. We grow every stem. Zinnias. Peonies. Asters. Foxglove. Larkspur. Asclepias. Columbine. Dianthus. Echinops. Snapdragons. Sweet Peas. Celosia . . . All cut at the perfect time, placed immediately in water, cooled, arranged in bouquets. Enjoy an elegant bouquet of Oriental or Asiatic lilies, bunches of exotic dahlias and dramatic sunflowers, a simple lisianthus bouquet, or a mixed bouquet of unusual flowers. The value will be high; freshness, vase life, and quality unmatched. Hundreds of varieties, never boring. Safe for your nose, your house, your children, your pets. Uplifting!

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