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Cedar Nook farm has been a family Dairy and Beef business for 125 years in the Monroe / Snohomish Area. It has been run by my Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Father. I was raised on Our Family Farm and decided 3 years ago to continue a quality based natural farm by purchasing my own small family farm. We offer the highest quality Berkshire Pork and occasionally Grass fed Polled Hereford Beef. We are currently geting out of Beef , as we have decided to focus on weaned piglets, as we have come to discover the market for pastured hogs is not to where it needs to be for our level of craftsmanship. Therefore we will no longer raise Pastured pork for anyone but ourselves. BBQ hogs will be raised on occasion and will sell for 2013 for 4.50 p/lb all prepping will be done here on our farm and placed on Ice for your Pickup. We don't raise many so get a hold of us at your earliest inkling of such a request. All of our Grass Fed Beef is sold, boy it is amazing the demand for high quality meat these days. I am so glad that people like you are looking for alternatives to Production Meats for your family. You will taste and FEEL the difference!! Home of quality farm raised REGISTERED Berkshire Heritage Breed pork. We have also Added Registered Large Black Hogs, the bacon hog!! and Registered Hereford Hogs for their Vigor and gentle nature. Our Pigs are naturally raised started on non medicated feed to ensure a great start in life. They are free ranged on 5 acres with rolling pastures and handled daily. We have ordered 100 Oak trees of several varieties to combat wet areas associated with a stream that causes wet boggy areas in both our pasture and yard. The trees will ensure any future farming on our land will be protected by The Beautiful Grand White Oak and Swamp White Oak variety, and will allow us to finish our beloved pigs on the acorns, truly a prize. We also have decided to work with the Dept of Ecology to ensure that our livestock are not harming the Beaver Dam's or streams located near our property although our stream is a runoff culvert from the State land above us it has come to our attention that we can embrace the sustainability of wild life and respect what nature has so graciously given us. We do not see it as a burden, and we are committed to working well with in the confines of the law as well the Law's of Nature. We are Members of the Arbor Day Society and plant trees for our farm improvement every YEAR!! We love and interact with our animals throughout the day and raise them as family. Recently we have added Large Black Hogs and Hereford Hogs to our farm, we love the heritage breeds for their grazing efficiency and very docile personalities!! We are looking forward to combining the Berk and Hereford Hogs for a meat experience to satisfy the finest of Dining to Outstanding BBQ hogs with that special quality not found in Yorkshire or Hampshire pork! It is our bonus to you that they are pasture raised and fed naturally. We are also Participating in the 100% Berkshire Pork Program. A farm inspection is planned. Our meat is tender and juicy and has a nice marbled quality not found in other breeds of pig. This breed of pork is specifically known for its mildness and tenderness. Look up Kurabota Pork, a delicious example of the meat of the Berkshire pig. Our Pigs are registered with the American Berkshire Association who have very strict regulations monitoring breeders, producers and the quality of the Berkshire Breed. This heritage breed was brought back to outstanding numbers from the brink of extinction, and we are lucky that people before us cared enough to do so. The Berkshire breeders and producers are committed to this breed, and strictly guard the standards. We offer registered breeding stock, show stock, 4-H pigs and occasionally meat (with pre- order) offered with farm to butcher service using a USDA family based butchering company. Email for details!! Our animals are NEVER fed hormones, wormers (we use diatamaceous earth for pest and parasite control) or antibiotics. We feed FRESH table scraps, garden thinnings, fresh fruit and lots of bugs and natural goodies that they always find in the soil.

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