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Visit our blog - Alpacazonia.blogspot for latest ranch news. Find us on Alpaca Meat Council for industry support. CARNEPACO: A new word coined for alpaca meat. Beginning this year, Alpacas at Crossroads Ranch has diversified our livestock business model. We are offering sales of non-breeding/non-fiber animals at live weight prior to harvesting, then buyer chooses local processing plant of their choice to have meat delivered to be processed, with additional cost to processor, and then take delivery of frozen packages of cuts of their own choosing and strictly for their own personal use, labeled Not For Sale. Alpacas slated for meat production are kept in quarantine for a minimum of 60 days before custom dispatching from our ranch to local processing plants that are USDA and/or State inspected, all done with consideration for maximum humane animal treatment. Although alpaca is not on the list yet as either amenable for free inspection or non-amenable for voluntary paid inspection, we use inspected facilities for best practices. Our quarantine time frame is in place to insure that selected animals have no meds in their system. They are strictly grass hay fed, plus minerals, and let out to pasture for rotational grazing, with no grains, hormones, antibiotics, growth enhancers or chemical fertilizers and sprays, in order to insure the best quality possible. Responsible stewardship is our goal, producing strong healthy livestock for discriminating palates and exceptional gourmet cuisine. RESCUE: We are also offering a rescue option sale of alpacas (non registered/non-breeding), to those who wish to own them as pets or companion animals, provided they participate in the training program we offer, included for proper alpaca husbandry. In this option, animals are not sold singly, unless buyer already owns alpacas. $600 for one, $1,000 for two, $1,200 for three. We continue to offer valuable outreach services to the public and the alpaca community. Agtourism educational visits for interested groups at $5.00 per person. Consultation and owner support appointments, for fee or included with sale. Several workshops on fiber production and we are developing a new workshop on meat production in California, to be scheduled for early this Fall. TBA Proven ARI registered and award winning herdsires of excellent heritage are standing at stud for outside breedings, so check our links for more on their stats. Award winning and excellent fiber and cria producing ARI registered females included on our price list, after careful evaluation for individual breeding quality and reproduction records. Alpacazonia gift shop is stocked with our herd fiber end products, plus as many USA made or manufactured products as possible, with import inventory discounted, to make room for more of our own herd amazing fiber production. Fiber barn is always busy and full, with ongoing hand fiber sorting and hand processing of our annual clip for fiber arts projects or related workshops in progress. We welcome you to arrange a ranch visit by appointment, or call us with any questions

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