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Dovetail Farms and Vineyard offers crushed and pressed grapes for home winemaking and pasture raised beef. Our cattle are fullblood Braunvieh, an ancient breed known for its excellent maternal traits and meat characteristics. All of our steers are born and raised on the farm, on pasture every day of their lives. We are an Animal Welfare Approved cattle operation, following the highest standards of care for our herd. As a result, we have a healthy group of animals that are easy to work with. We prefer to give our cattle more pasture space than is typical so that they can choose what they want to eat (they will browse grass and leaves, munch acorns, and move around the pastures all day long.) We feel that this is a more natural environment for them and that they will choose to eat what is healthiest when they have that option. We also provide fresh green barley sprouts to our steers in the times when natural forage is lean (winter and particularly dry summers). It is always best to reserve your animal as soon as you know you will be needing meat. That will give us a chance to finish out the animal with a feed protocol that meets your specific needs and will allow us to plan our management processes better. Since we are a small operation, we can manage your animal in ways that larger operations cannot, but it does mean that our inventory is limited. We process our steers at Blue Bonnet Meat Company in Trenton, a processor that shares our commitment to respect the animals in our care.

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