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Almosta Ranch Alpacas is my dream--a business that revolves around animals who provide a creative outlet by supplying me with a renewable resource of fiber!! I also have a small herd of angora rabbits. I specialize in French Angoras and Satin Angoras of varying colors. For both the alpacas and rabbits, I sell quality breeding/show stock and also fiber/pet quality animals of varying colors. I also provide stud services for the alpacas. I do have a farm store on site where I sell all things alpaca and angora. Being the fiber addict that I am, I also carry as many different natural fibers as possible in the form of yarns, rovings and end products from local friends and other fiber friends. I offer farm tours by appointment. Free internships are also available to those who may have desire to own fiber animals and need the knowledge and hands-on experience to feel confident with their own animals. Discounts are available on animals purchased from Almosta Ranch Alpacas for those who have interned here.

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