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We are a family owned farm that started out as a diversified livestock and row crop farm. In 2000 my father decided to expand our family garden and sell the extra produce that we raised. We are producing 50 acres of produce that is sold locally to restaurants, road side stands and off the farm. Our produce is grown in the way that our grandparents grew their gardens (the old fashioned way). We do use season extension methods to have both earlier and later produce. Products include most vegetables that are we are able to grow in the mid west. We say that we grow everything from Asparagus to Zucchini and everything in between. Tomatoes is one of our passions we are always experimenting with new and old varieties most years we have over 30 varieties planted at any given time. Farm tours, school tours, and educational programs are available by appointments. During Fall we give hay rides to the pumpkin patch and fall themed pictures. We grow over 35 varieties of winter squash and heirloom pumpkins as well as your traditional Jack-o-lantern carving pumpkins.

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