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After a fire, Farm relocation, Rebuild of our house, birth of 2 more children and 3 years of building the soil and breaking down pasture grasses. Dilish Farm is excited to announce 2021 season shares. What's the cost and where is the value, culinary support / extra features? Our cost for the season of May through October Totaling $475.00 with a rotation of 6-10 varieties every other week with some extras in the heat of the season. Or our Every week share at the Salmon Creek and Camas Farmers markets SNAP available at the markets. Weekly, monthly payment plans available. Spend more time to get through the bounty of produce and saves on weekly trips to the grocery store. If you miss a week you can simply pick up on the alternating week. We value your time so having flexibility on picking up your share gives more time spent in the kitchen. We want you to get the most from your produce so we have lots of bonus material: Access to our Pinterest board of recipes, weekly newsletters with videos of kitchen techniques, and our produce guide that includes how to properly store, process and save produce for later. Our goal is to support our members through the overwhelming task of using new produce in your favorite meals. Signup and get access to our CSA members only group on Facebook members actively share extra tips and tricks to eating the CSA way. A place to chat directly with other members and your farmer as we share what's happening on the farm. Want to know about our growing practices? Dilish farm is a product of 6 years of an intensive stewardship of the land. Mending soil and emphasizing on the importance of soil biodiversity. Our methods include: cover cropping with nutrient rich, nitrogen fixing and weed suppressing plants. Holistic grazing rotation of our Icelandic sheep and our flock of free ranging foraging hens and ducks. We use compost on our beds as the planting season starts in the spring and we have never used any sprays of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or any other chemicals. We just have never even seen this as an option. We are hand weeding to keep a close eye on all the plants which in turn helps to see pest and any disease before it gets to be a problem. We enjoy having our hands in the dirt. When providing an ecological environment where the earth can thrive it does and returns the favor with a bountiful harvest. Many of the permaculture, no till and regenerative farming practices are at work here on the farm and we are happy to share a farm walk anytime. We look forward to another season of growing food for our members. Head over to our Facebook page or shoot us a message if you want to join the journey through the growing season. We have a limited number of shares so sign up before they are gone. We have Egg and Mushroom add- on options available. Thanks to our community we are here to support you.

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