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Babe and Sage Farm is a 20-acre diversified sustainable farm located just north of Gordon, GA. The farm property has been owned by the Oetter family since the Great Depression. Now, under the care and management of Bobby Jones and Chelsea Losh, the land is being lovingly restored to full organic production after over a decade out of cultivation. What We're Growing We currently grow over 40 different varieties of vegetables, herbs, and fruits for sale through our Farm Share Program, local farmers' markets, and area restaurants. We use sustainable growing practices that build the soil and focus on growing locally-adapted varieties. About Our Farming Practices Babe and Sage Farm is transitioning to Organic! We view the farm as a whole system and our goal is to make that system as self-sufficient and sustainable as possible. We pledge to exceed organic standards by never using synthetic or chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. More importantly, however, we pledge to manage the land responsibly by building better soil, preserve local food traditions by selecting heirloom and locally-adapted seed varieties, and educate ourselves and our community about the best sustainable growing practices. We practice crop rotation, cover crops, conservation tillage, and crop diversity to manage our soil's fertility and pest problems.

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