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The phrase Buffalo Chicken Ranch rings true here at Breezy Meadow Farms! our Asian-Italian Water Buffalo herd produces the incredible milk that is used to create authentic Italian mozzarella di Bufala (Buffalo Mozzarella), a cheese that is hands down the most delicious and tender cheese you will experience, not to mention the best tasting, healthiest Buffalo steaks and burgers around! Our Rabbit is raised from the finest breeds delivering the sweetest, best tasting meat you will find. And yes, we harvest regularly so your order is fresh. And, we have the finest, all-natural, GMO Free pasture-raised chicken that are free from herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, or medication of any kind. Because poultry is our flagship enterprise, it is the best you'll find anywhere. We also offer additional treats such and our Liquid Gold Chicken Stock, our popular Buffalo Chicken Dip, Kickin' Chopped Chicken, and our Kickin' Chicken Marinade. If you need specialty items such as giblets, feet, or backs, give a call or email and we will set some aside for you. Currently, you will find us at the Brambleton, VA and Palisades, Washington, DC Farmers Markets on Sunday Mornings, Crystal City, VA Farmers Market on Tuesday Afternoons, and Leesburg, VA Farmers Market on Saturday Mornings. We bring fresh poultry to allow you to experience the incredible flavor and depth our pasture raised chicken as soon as you get home! If you value the quality of the food you eat, then get to know your farmer. We raise our animals the way God intended, and the quality shows. Feel Free to stop by and see for yourself. Jeff Boogaard, Owner @CrazerFarmerJeff

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