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Dietzler Farms is a family owned and operated farm in Walworth County, WI. We raise all-natural beef animals, crossing hereford and black angus cattle. All-Natural is a fairly vague term, so it is important to know and understand how we raise our beef. Our animals are steroid and antibiotic-free and are always out on pasture. They graze on our grass and are fed hay and non-GMO grain when the grass is dormant. All our animals are raised from birth to harvest on our land and only consume what we grow. This means that we control the diet of each animal completely, from start to finish so we have a consistent product. Once the animal is ready, we take our animals to a USDA inspected facility which maintains the highest standards for processing. Our animals grade high choice and consistently produce premium beef. We currently provide our beef to some of the best restaurants and retailers in the Chicago and Lake Geneva areas. We are also involved in several farmers' markets and sell directly from our website.

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