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You'll find Really Slow Food Here! Our Sustainable farm produces lovely Wisconsin Raw Wildflower Honey and truly Free Range Eggs from Heritage Chickens in a rainbow of natural colors Got "LLama Beans"? We do! Our "Sun Dried Llama Beans" are a great deer and bunny deterrent and a wonderful slow release fertilizer. Lightweight and easy to use. If you have kitties, then you need to try our beautiful organic dried and fresh catnip. We also ship plants, so you can grow your own. We grow Plants for Beekeepers and anyone who wants to attract pollinators to their gardens. Our hardy native plants are sold bare root and shipped spring and fall. We also host groups and individuals for tours of our farm and gardens and were featured in the North Central Master Gardeners "Garden Walk 2009" in July. We hear over 400 visited us! Compost in your kitchen!!! You can have your own worm farm and harvest castings (vermicompost) year round to add nutrients and humus to your garden and potted plants. Vermicomposting is easy and there's no smell. No one will know you have worms in the kitchen unless you tell them! We sell castings and worms. Email for more info.

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