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CoGro Co-Op offers the opportunity to have a deep connection with land and community. We share sustainable and biodynamic workshops and garden plots at low prices for collaboration and education. CoGro Co-op was born from years of working in the food justice and Green movements. Located on the Harrison Janecek Farm, the space has cultivated and wild places and it is possible to teach wildcrafting, gardening, farm organizing, community organizing, and faith-based practices, and more. We have plans to cultivate market gardens, fruit and nut trees and to add bees, grapes, mushrooms, and animals to the community. CoGro Co-op is a working and educational farm focused on the application of community-based, spiritual, biodynamic and sustainable ways that we have learned through cooperative experience, courses and certifications in social justice organizing, beekeeping, gardening, nature deficit programs, spiritual programs, and other permaculture. Mike and Bonnie met at an Earth Day event in Chicago, and we wanted to continue the wishes of the farm's original owner to keep it a family farm in a world in which they are becoming rare. We are also available for rental in part or in whole for African Traditional ẹbọ, Ancestral, Indigenous, Buddhist, Pagan, Abrahamic, etc., events. We can accommodate your spiritual/religous practice or event that requires natural space or outdoor environments. For more information on Spritual/Religious contact (Alalade 773-808-3028). We hope you will join us as we bring back this heritage farm!

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