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Our family farm has been involved in agriculture in Cabarrus Co for over 150 years. We are true producers of high quality all natural beef. You can find us at Davidson, Denver, and Conover farmers markets, Know Your Farms LLC, and Revolution Pizza in Charlotte. We also sell our beef products from our home. Please call ahead before coming out. We welcome you to schedule a visit to our farm and you may be inclined to pick one out for yourself and save your family some money. Our cattle are born and raised on green pastures and never confined. We do not give our cattle any growth stimulants, hormones, or antibiotics. Our cattle are pasture raised until 4 weeks prior to processing and we give them an all natural feed supliment that consists of corn, wheat, soybean meal, dry molasses and salt. This is free choice or in other words they still have access to the pastures and all natural feed.

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