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Bean Tree Farm is a 20 acre saguaro/ ironwood forest farm and botanical sanctuary. We care for, harvest, create and schedule tours and workshops on Sonoran Desert living: rainwater-fed edible plants, herbs, desert foods cooking, natural building, permaculture and more. We do not sell to the public, and are subscription-only, through a pre-paid Farm Card CSP (community supported permaculture). Small-batch, seasonal products include include solar-cooked sauces and chutneys, ferments and elixirs, herbal salves, salts, oils, tinctures, plants and more. Farm cards are in $110 increments and include a $10 credit upon return of jars. Visit our site for a listing of products, events and workshop opportunities. We have a monthly newsletter available by subscription on the home page. Bean Tree Farm collaborates with Tucson's Community Food Bank, Desert Harvesters, Pima County Public Library and other organizations to offer demos, classes and workshops, and is committed to the rewilding of our tastebuds and neighborhoods with Sonoran Desert Food Forests, building food security, empowerment and justice for all who eat. Bean Tree Farm is a United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary.

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