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Double Aught Angus Ranch is located near the South Fork of the Clearwater River in northern Idaho. Ours is a small family farm dedicated to raising quality beef by providing our cattle a quality life. Better meat: Our quality Angus beef is lean, flavorful, and nutritious as only pasture-raised beef can be. Our smaller steers yield smaller cuts for healthier serving sizes. They are always grass-fed, never grained. They have no added hormones nor antibiotics. Environmentally sound practices: Our herd has Lowline Angus breeding, a smaller-framed Angus known for superior meat quality and grass-efficiency. We use intensive grazing management to ensure they graze pastures that provide clean, healthy grasses, forbs, shrubs and trees. The variety of forage species, clean water, free-choice minerals, shade and shelter keeps our cattle healthy and satisfied. In addition to naturally pastured beef cattle, our ranch is managed for a broad range of wildlife and plant habitats to ensure an ecologically diverse and sustainable environment. Emphasis on humane treatment: Our cattle are naturally docile and always handled gently, with respect. Calves are weaned later without the distress of early weaning or isolation from their mothers. Fresh pasture is provided when possible and quality locally-grown grass hay is continuously available when the weather does not permit grazing. Steers are never subjected to the stress of being shipped for slaughter. They are humanely ranch-killed and packaged by a local family-run processor.

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