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We are a pasture based farm that is committed to growing wholesome, real food. After years of conventional farming, our eyes were opened several years ago and slowly we have developed into what we are today with plans to continue expanding. We offer pastured broiler chickens, grass fed beef and pork, and free range eggs. Our broilers are housed in portable shelters and receive a fresh area of pasture every day. They are then butchered on our farm using humane techniques to preserve the quality of the meat. The birds are then vacuum packaged and ready for pick up. While we keep some in the freezer for year around sales, we encourage customers to order enough chicken in advance to fill their own freezers. Our grass fed beef is tender and juicy. Our steers are carefully selected from our cow/calf herd, which means we raise them from start to finish. We currently sell in bulk of wholes, halves and quarters with plans to offer individual cuts in the near future. Our pork comes from feeder pigs that we purchase from local farms. Our pigs are then raised on a diet of grass, alfalfa (grown on our farm), and a custom blend of grains from our local co-op. This results in pork with amazing flavor. We currently offer individual cuts along with bulk- whole and halves. Our free range eggs come from our flock of hens that roam the pasture (and our yard!) eating whatever they want. During the extreme cold months, we supplement their diet with a custom mix of grain from the local co-op, but the majority of the time, (March-Nov), they eat what they can find. This gives the eggs hard shells, dark yolks and firm whites. None of our animals receive any type of medications or hormones. The feed that the chickens and hogs eat is milo-based to limit the GMO exposure. Check out our website or give us a call to find out what's available when.

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