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Not everyone is made to be farmer. Not everyone was made to be doctor, or an accountant, or a waiter, or any of the many many jobs needed in this wide world. But I was made to be a farmer. In 2014, I founded Chubby Bunny Farm with the singular goal to provide for others, while providing for myself. In 2016, Melina joined the farm in what began as a whirlwind romance, flourished into a lifetime commitment. By 2018 we had our own land in Arlington, Washington and have been continuing to learn and grow within it. 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year, as the property grows from wild pastures into a fully integrated farm! Through basil and beets, rabbits and radishes Chubby Bunny Farm will continue to grow and mature. By supporting our CSA and farmer's markets, we hope that you will grow with us as well. Cheers, Michael Deitering

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