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This is Fibonacci Farm's first year growing vegetables and flowers for the community in Central Oregon. The farm sits on about 3/4 of an acre in Redmond, OR. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to lease the land from an existing farm/er, Amanda at Dome Grown Produce. We farm the land by hand, and won't rely on a tractor; save for the first (and only) till back in September 2020 before we planted our Winter cover crop. By not tilling and growing our vegetables in permanent raised beds, we hope to constantly be building soil health and increasing organic matter while hopefully giving us the added benefit of reduced weed pressure. We strongly believe that best way to grow amazing produce is to do so organically. While we aren't yet certified organic, we will be dealing with all pests and pressures without the use the herbicides or pesticides. Further, we promise to only use organic fertilizers when necessary as another way to build great soil quality while causing the least amount of damage. We hope to continually make decisions on the farm with the soil, community, broader ecosystem, and quality product in mind. While recognizing and honoring the native people who were stewards of the land before us, our biggest hope for the first season is that we will be able to bring health and happiness to our new community in Central Oregon by growing excellent produce and flowers while preserving the land and doing our best to not harm our soil and broader ecosystem.

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