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Practicing "Sustainable Farming Methods", Beasley Farm is located on the east side of Brooksville, not far from I-75, between Hwy 41 & Hwy 50 off Mondon Hill Rd. We grow a wide variety of vegetables year round. Some of our crops include assorted zucchini, assorted summer squash, several varieties of traditional Southern field peas, okra, sweet corn, beans, swiss chard, beets, Fl sweet onions, eggplant, pickles, carrots, various greens, romaine lettuce, broccoli, spinach, peppers, and more. Please contact us at 352-799-6752 or cell is 352-232-3381 for details regarding seasonal harvests. If purchasing pesticide-free frozen black-eye peas or freshly-picked greens from one of our satellite locations, please phone ahead to reserve shelled peas. When bringing them to other locations, they peas must be kept on ice. LIMITED TIME: to reserve unshelled field conks and zippers, phone the farm, as peas are shelled within 24 hours. The Produce Barn is open year round everyday until 6 pm. Because we work with other local growers, there is always a wide variety of produce available. Crops are seasonal and include tomatoes, sweet potatoes, bakers, melons, seasonal fruits, cabbage and lots more! We're grateful to "recycle" your plastic bags here. We welcome you to visit our farm, where we have typical farm animals as well. Thank you for supporting us! We have several locations [b/] aside from our farm location, where we sell produce in a roadside stand or participate in Farmers Markets. For a complete listing of locations and dates, please click here (or copy and paste the link): Sign up for our weekly newsletter [b/] here: Please contact us via e-mail for our free weekly news update which advises of harvests and specials or join by follow us on Facebook and our website/blog at

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