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Raw Organic Creamery and Meats. Certified organic raw milk and dairy products from our 100% Jersey (grain free) grass-only-fed herd. Grass-only-fed (GRAIN FREE) heritage breed beef, heritage breed pastured Tammworth Pork. Organic Pastured chickens. Birchwood Farm was established in October of 1943. My grandfather, Howard Tierney, settled here from Connecticut with his young family and his idea of a successful family farm. He made all farm fresh products using only Jersey milk. These products included unpasteurized milk, cream, clabbard cream, cheese, butter, ice cream, and pudding. He sold these in the community and brought them to New York City with him everyday as they were a big hit. When my grandfather died in 1961, so did the production of his farm fresh products. My father eventually took over, but it was too much to juggle with his veterinary business. The farm wasn't paying for itself and soon we had to make a choice, sell out or continue the dairy. Since dad was so busy I decided to carry on the farm myself, making grandad's farm fresh products. Though times have changed and more modern equipment has replaced old, our commitment to excellence has remained constant. We follow the same old recipe and use the same standards of assuring the integrity of our grass only fed, nutritious, organic, raw Jersey farm fresh products, and old family recipes that grandad used in 1943.

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