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BLENHEIM ORGANIC GARDENS is part of Blenheim Farm, a 400-acre farm long associated with the Washington family in Westmoreland County Virginia. The farm is 45 minutes east of Fredericksburg & about 1 mile from George Washington's Birthplace National Monument. We are USDA certified organic. Blenheim farm was established by George Washington's family in the 18th-century and is protected with conservation easements that preserve its historic character, open spaces, farmland and wildlife habitats in perpetuity.We are a family farm where sustainable agriculture, wildlife conservation and satisfied customers are our top priorities. We grow a variety of crops on about 7 acres. We have 20 acres USDA certified organic by QCS. Selected acres of the 20 acres that is not in vegetable production, is planted in cover crop to increase field fertility or to attract beneficial insects. The vegetables we grow are chosen for their beauty and their flavor, of which includes lettuce mixes, assorted greens, elephant garlic, spring onions, beets, sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes, basil, black eyed peas, heirloom corn for cornmeal, sweet potatoes, to name a few. We have participated in Williamsburg Farmers Market, on Duke of Gloucester Street, since its inception in the summer of 2002. Our relatively new Buyers Club has been well received by our Fredericksburg and local customers wanting our fresh organic produce, why? Because the choice is their's: we send an email of what is available, orders are placed for What, How Much and IF they want to participate that week - the decision is All their's, and then we harvest accordingly. Find more information and/or sign up for our Buyers Club on our website, Pick up locations for Buyers Club are in Fredericksburg, near the farmers market at Hurkamp Park or the Farm. Inquiries about day volunteering during the workweek is welcome. You'll go home with an armful of beautiful produce in return for your help! Please look for our Blenheim Organic Gardens Facebook and Instagram pages to see awesome photos of the farm! We love to sell to fresh market grocery stores and restaurants that have a passion to teach others about fresh, Organic Local food.

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