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Matt and Rhonda Shaul started with two goats back in late 1999, because Matt could not tolerate cows milk. When the fridge filled with milk they decided that something must be done. From a small beginning a dream was born and bloomed into Cranberry Ridge Farm. In 2006 they started the first commercial goat dairy in Alaska, successfully selling raw milk goat cheese. In 2008 they moved their operation to New York state where feed was much cheaper and markets were much larger. On their 53 acre farm in Williamstown they raise dairy goats, sheep, honey, vegetables and use horses to help farm. They have five children, whom Rhonda homeschools. Matt's off farm job is helping other farmers, by supplying CNY with organic minerals and fertilizers. We look forward to serving you in the near future. Feel free to email or call. We are open Sunday through Friday Noon every week.

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