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Crack in the Sidewalk Farmlet is a small-scale sustainable farm, urban homestead and burgeoning community in Southeast Atlanta. Started in 2008 without much in the way of equipment, experience, money, or land; but with an abundance of sheer determination and a dream. Through research, experimentation, and the input of other growers in our area we have crafted a farming style unique to us. We have been committed to organic practices since before day one and heavily influenced by permaculture. In addition we are recognized as the local authorities on foraging wild edibles. We take stewardship seriously and are dedicated to enriching and repairing our environment. Our success is measured by the increase of biodiversity on our farm and the change of the hard Georgia red clay to rich black soil. Much like the dandelions that inspired our name that grow in the harshest and most unlikely places, our dream has taken root and grown into an oasis within the city. We hope to share it with you. We can be found nine months of the year at the Grant Park Farmers' Market. We grow a diverse array of vegetables including many heirloom and rare varieties, we also specialize in delicious wild edibles. We've never used chemicals and we never will.

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