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Equinox Farm & Orchard, LLC is located in Valley Center and provides fresh, naturally grown produce to families in San Diego County through Equinox CSA. We currently provide shares for distribution either weekly or biweekly with home delivery. The cost for delivery is included in the purchase price for the share and includes the first forty miles for delivery (one-way.) We do delivery beyond forty miles for a nominal $5 fee. All deliveries contain up to 6+ pounds of seasonal grown produce. We offer a four or twelve week, weekly distribution package. The weekly package is ideal for a household of four. We offer a biweekly distribution package of two or six deliveries for a households of two. Our summer prices are: Weekly 4 deliveries: $100 12 deliveries: $280 Biweekly 2 deliveries: $50 6 deliveries: $140 *Prices are good through September 22, 2016. To purchase a share, please follow this link:

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