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Basil Farm raises pastured chicken, pastured pork, and grassfed beef. At the beginning of growing season, we have pre-season share options available at our best prices. For those interested in locking in their share before meat sells out, this is the best option. This year, our operation is relatively small, consisting of 7 Angus beef steer, 13 heritage breed Red Wattle piggies, and lots of broiler chickens. After the growing season, we will sell any remaining meat in a month-to-month CSA method as well as by-the-cut. Call or visit our website for our latest meat options. At Basil Farm, we feed our animals only the best available. First and foremost, they get permanent access to pasture. Our steer are not fed grain but are given a grass-only diet. This is the natural way to raise beef (they are ruminants) and produces a beautifully nutritious specimen for our thankful consumption. Our pigs are given fresh pasture on rotation, so they are always busy finding new grasses. As omnivores (they naturally eat both meat and vegetables), they are also given a grain mixture (either from our local feed mill or from our organic feed supplier). We are planning to grow them some produce to consume as well, and we know they will love whatever they can get their snouts into (literally)! Our chickens (also omnivores) are moved daily to fresh pasture, always searching out the best bugs and grasses that they can find. Like the pigs, the chickens are given a grain mixture which helps them grow healthy and plump (just the way we like them)! And all of our animals enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine, the summer rains, and all that make the outdoors so uniquely beautiful. You will taste their happiness.

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