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Allenbrooke Farms is a 120 acre family farm in Spring Hill, TN, and is farmed by husband and wife team Daniel and Stephanie Allen. The farm is Certified Naturally Grown, the grassroots alternative to organic, and everything is grown using natural, organic farming methods. We offer a CSA Program for our customers, as well as an onsite farm stand, and you can find us at the Franklin Farmer's Market as well. Community-Supported or Community-Shared Agriculture (CSA) is also known as "subscription farming." You buy a subscription from a local farmer - just like you buy a subscription to Time or Newsweek. Instead of receiving a magazine each week, you receive a "share" of fresh, locally and organically grown fruit and/or vegetables. While new in name, Community Supported Agriculture hearkens back to an earlier time-a time when people knew where their food came from, ate in harmony with the seasons, and enjoyed a delicious, healthy diet of pure, fresh foods. CSA's are a fresh, fun, and most importantly a cost effective alternative to the grocery stores, and they allow you to support a local farmer in the process. Some of the many benefits: You'll receive a weekly basket of fresh, locally grown, good tastin' produce, and new recipes to go along with it. Many weeks we plan to have bouquets of fresh cut flowers as well! You will be buying food from a family that you know and trust, at a fraction of the cost of the grocery store chains.... and NO recalls! Your veggies are Certified Naturally Grown, the grassroots alternative to Organic for small farms like Allenbrooke Farms. You will have a great opportunity to introduce your family to the idea of knowing where and whom your food comes from, how it grows, and you'll learn to learn to 'eat with the seasons'. You will be helping not only your local economy, but a local family farm- Allenbrooke Farms. Many of the varieties we grow are unique heirloom varieties that cannot be found in stores, and you will have a say in what we grow! Let us know what you like and want in your baskets and we will do what we can to make it happen. Share Info Allenbrooke Farms CSA members receive a half bushel basket full of veggies each week. Our season begins in mid-May and runs through October, for a total of 24 weeks. Full Shares are $900.00 for 24 weeks, and are ideal for families. If you're not familiar with the size of a half-bushel, it's a lot! The baskets alone measure 10" deep and 14" in diameter. That's a lot of fresh, local, organically grown produce- and for only $37.50 a week! Half Shares are available for $550.00 and are ideal for individuals and couples. Half Share members receive a peck basket (1/4 bushel) every week. What We Grow Here's a list of some of the items we grow at Allenbrooke Farms, which you can expect to receive in your CSA basket, at our farm stand, and the Allenbrooke Farms booth at the Farmer's Market throughout the season: American Flag Leeks Amish Paste Tomatoes Amish Snap Peas Arkansas Little Leaf Cucumbers Baby Pak Choy Basil Beefsteak Tomatoes Bell Peppers Black Beauty Eggplant Black Beauty Summer Squash Black from Tula Tomatoes Blue Lake Beans Brandywine Tomatoes Burbank Tomatoes Burgundy Okra Buttercrunch Lettuce Butternut Squash Cantaloupe Chadwick Tomatoes Chantenay Carrots Charleston Wakefield Cabbage Chioggia Beets Comred Red Onions Contender Beans Crimson Sweet Watermelons Crookneck Yellow Squash Danvers Carrots Dark Green Summer Zucchini DiCiccio Broccoli Early Wonder Tall Beets Eight Ball Zucchini Squash Florence Fennel Fordhook Giant Chard French Breakfast Radishes Garden Peach Tomatoes Golden Wax Beans Gourmet Salad Mix Lettuce Granny Taylor's Heirloom Grape Tomatoes Green Beans Green Cayenne Peppers Old German Tomatoes Ole Timey Tennessee Pumpkins Parisian Carrots Peas Principe Borghese Drying Tomatoes Provider Beans Purple Top Turnips Rapinni Broccoli Red Express Cabbage Red Potatoes Red Russian Kale Rocky Ford Green Melons Romaine Lettuce Scarlet Nantes Carrots Seven Top Turnips Simpson Lettuce Snow Peas Snowball Cauliflower Snowball White Onions Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti Squash Straight Eight Cucumbers Stuttgarter Yellow Onions Sugar Cherry Tomatoes Sugar Snap Peas Sunset Lettuce Sweet Diamond Peppers Sweet Golden California Wonder Peppers Sweet Potatoes Sweet Purple Beauty Peppers Sweet Tater Pumpkins Tendergreen Beans Tendergreen Cucumbers Torpedo Red Bottle Onions Valencia Onions Valencia Tomatoes Walla Walla Onions Waltham Broccoli White Beauty Radishes White Icicle Radishes Yukon Gold Potatoes

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