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UPDATE-- APRIL 03, 2012- WE NOW HAVE AVAILABLE: Hanging Cherry Tomato Baskets Garden Plants Whole Hog Sausage Free Range Broilers (meat Chickens) available in 2 weeks NEW FOR 2012- We are excited to have our greenhouse up and running !! We have tomotoes planted and hope to begin producing the first of May. The girls have embarked on hanging flower baskets and ornamental grasses !! We also are taking orders for a limited amount of free range meat chickens!! Whole Hog Sausage is USDA inspected and now available!! It all began w/ a summer project of having a family Jersey cow for fresh milk and butter !! Due to space we downsized and are now blessed to be working w/ the Miniature Jersey Cows. Add some chickens, another summer project of learning to quilt, raising our own Pigs and now selling USDA sausage, Asian Pear Trees, an Herb garden, Berry patches and a couple of visits to the Local Farmer's Market !! What's next for our family of 11? Stick around and see, our children are the finest entrepreneurs and are always coming up w/ great ideas. We started off simply wanting to live more naturally and healthy; and, now we want to share with others.

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